An Overview: Face Lift Surgery

A face lift is a popular treatment that helps eliminate or minimize the amount of wrinkles and other facial changes that result as you age. In a normal face lift procedure, the skin is lifted off the face in order to tighten the tissues and skin underneath and to reposition the skin evenly over the face.

During the treatment, an individual is given either a typical anesthesia or a tranquillizer thru the blood line and local anesthetic in order to numb the skin. After this, the specialist makes a cut in the temple region and circles round the front part of the ear. The doctor can eliminate some part of the skin and fat. Then, the skin is re draped over the face. The cut is stitched. Normally, the cut falls in a region in which the skin would wrinkle naturally or besides the hair line which keeps it hidden after the treatment.


Some individuals undertake a limited cut face lift procedure. Here shorter cuts are made near to the ear and at the temple area. Occasionally, a cut can be made in the lower eye lid area or beneath the upper lip area.

Face Lift: Its Major Purposes

A face lift procedure is undertaken for making an older face appear younger by getting rid of the wrinkles, lifting the saggy muscle tissues, and making the skin tighter.


The procedure makes you look healthier and younger. Although, your face continues to grow old, however with a face lift procedure, you are able to take years off from the face. This can help reduce your anxiety levels and boost your self-confidence.

You’ll be able to minimize the aging signs to a significantly with face lift. However it won’t reverse the damage your skin suffers from the skin or eliminate all the wrinkles near to your eyes, around your lips and beneath your nose. In order to get best results, you can undertake a face lift, then cure any damage to your skin.

Like any other procedure in the cosmetic area, you’re more likely to get maximum benefits if you’ve clear expectations of what this treatment can accomplish and share them with your surgeon.

Insurance firms won’t cover any costs associated with a face lift treatment. It’s crucial to know the cost of the entire procedure, which include the fees of the surgeon, operating facility, anesthesiologist, medications, visits to the office, etc.

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